What do Submissive Men, Cuckold and Sissies have in common? Cum Eating Fetish

1-888-884-5780-bisexual-short-on-cashCum eating Fetish. When I was a “regular” girlfriend, living a “regular” lifestyle with my then boyfriend, one of the things I was asked to perform on a regular basis was… Blow Jobs. I can tell you that I became quite an expert at making a men come in my mouth and whilst I do enjoy a hard big cock wrapped up in between my lips as I go up and down, I don’t much care for the taste of cum.

If you have read some of my previous articles, then you will be already familiar with how I became a real life dominatrix but suffice it to say that noway days, the only cum eating fetish I willingly indulge in is in providing my submissive males with the opportunity to partake in their favorite pastime: cum eating fetish.

Indeed the action of cum eating is a sign of the ultimate submission, whereby a man licks and eats the cum left on anther man (or a dominant mistress) by a stud.

Imagine this scenario…  I am spending an evening with my current lover. My sub is looking on, tending our every needs, watching, learning, craving for some actions… At some point, I will allow my lover to cum on me.  There is good reason for this…  I want my sub to lick my lover’s cum off me.

I want my submissive male to submit to me totally and to my lover. Of course, there are other things that I routinely instruct my sub to do… Like suck my lover’s big dick, like the slutty whore that he is until he feels his big dick twitch in his pathetic mouth followed up by a mouth filling warm cum sliding down his throat.

Is that what turn you on, my little insatiable cum slut? Would you beg to cum on my boots and slurp your own load clean?

Are you a cum eating slut?


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