Femdom Phone Sex

Here’s something most men will never admit… They like to be dominated…

They may be acting all tough like, macho and all that jazz, but when it comes to intimacy, they like to be treated like pussies… There are two type of submissive men. The ones that have to have it hardcore, where the domination is complete, physically and spiritually and where female supremacy reigns supreme. A submissive male enjoys the feeling of being subservient to his Dominant Mistress and will serve her every need to the best of his limited abilities. These men may have positions of power within their professions, but at home, they are not the ones who wear the pants…

And then there the second group of men, those who prefer their femdom mistresses to administer their rules in a light hearted, gentle, spiritual fashion. For these men, humiliation is not corporal but rather intellectual.

I specialize in the second group. Of course, I have done my fair share of whipping, binding, pinching and all the regular corporal punishment routines but I prefer to break my submissive males using words, threats, charm, smiles, tease and denial etc…


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Diaries of a real life dominatrix

The true story of how a timid heterosexual woman turned into a real life dominatrix with a  living in male slave and and an adoring female switch!

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Dominatrix: A woman engaged in domination

Switch: A woman who can be both a dominatrix and submissive

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