Diaries of a real life dominatrix

Welcome! If you surfing through these pages, then you know that this is an adult site with adult content of sexual nature. So if you have no business being here, please leave now.

If you are still here...

Let me introduce you to a portion of my life which saw me develop into a real life, style living dominatrix.

You are about to discover how I became a dominatrix, a superior female finally aware of the power women have over the weaker sex.

You will see how my boyfriend was transformed into a living slave, a willing transformatin for not once did anything happen to him that was contrary to his prior wishes.

My diaries are in fact a selection of emails I exchanged with the other woman of my life, a real life switch who was and still is a dear friend.

The other participant in these stories is my living-in slave, my little one as I call him, a man of insufficient means, but shssh.  More on this later.

The stories involve domination, submission, lesbian love, oral, anal and just about any type of sexual activity designed to give me and my switch pleasure, and give my little one the punishements he so dearly craves for.


Mistress Jade