Milking the PENIS

If you suffer from the small penis syndrome or would like to have more, here is one technique and it doesn't involve hanging dump bells on your penis.

In fact, Penis Milking is such a fun and satisfying thing to do, that if you find a willing partner, then even if you don't see much of a change in the size of your cock, you will have had a lot of fun trying to.

Saves dump bells doesn't it?

Penis Milking

Here is what you need:

  • A workout bench, and if you don't have one, the ability to stay on all four for extended periods of time.
  • A "helping" hand

If you cannot manage to get yourself someone who will help you in this very sacred endeavor, then of course you can do it yourself.

Before you start Milking, it is a goof idea to take measurements of your penis on a regular basis. How do you measure? Simple. Your cock needs to be fully erected and use the same method each time. Record your girth and your length and let the fun begin.

Note: Some people refer to Milking as Jelqing which supposedly of a middle eastern etymology but with similar purpose. To increase the size of penis, and after all we would all prefer it if you had nice big cock now, wouldn't we?

Milking Warm up. Yep, it's a muscle after all.

  • Stroke your penis until your partially erect
  • Soak a washcloth in warm water
  • Wrap your penis in the washcloth for three full minutes
  • And do again from the beginning, 3 more times.

  • .. or, draw yourself a warm and simply massage your semi erect penis..

Told you it would be fun!

The Milking.. the best part.

  • Oil your hand and your half erect penis
  • Put your forefinger and your thumb together in an "Ok" sign and grab the base of your penis with a firm grip.
  • Start milking from the base to the head of the penis maintaining the firm grip
  • When the milking hand reaches the head of the penis, put your other had in the "OK" position at the base of your penis and start milking just like you did with the first hand.
  • Alternate the milking action with both hands in one continuous action.

How long should you go on? How long is your dick?

No, ignore the last part of the above question, I am just messing with you. But you should aim for 100 complete milking strokes every five minutes during the first week and then increase by 100 on the second week, and then again on the third week. By the time you get to the 4th week, you should be able to perform 500 milking stokes each day!

Don't forget!

  • Warm up before and warm down after.
  • Don't grip too tight or you will cause bruising
  • Don't try this with a hard on!

What no hardon?

Yep, your penis must be semi tumescent. Milking on a hard cock is not a way to go. Seriously.

So what do you do if you are a horny bastard like my husband? Yesss.. Make him come first and then get on with the Penis Milking technique.

Warning: If after all your efforts, your penis still remains tiny, don't the blame this writer. At least you will have had fun!

In the mood for milking? Call me for guided masturbation and instructions!

Second Warning: The writer has no medical qualification to give health related advice. She does give though a mean hand job, or any type of job, blow or other wise.


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