Phone Sex


Naughty woman!

Yesterday was a horrible day so I better not talk about it. Luckily this morning went better but more on that later!

You naughty woman! So you go around cafes causing erections on unsuspecting victims? And gals? You are not turning your attentions to women as well now, are you! I better watch myself from now on. No more kissing for at least... well, until we meet. Mind you I have always wondered what it would feel like to "do" it with another woman! (Kidding) They say once you try it, you'll never want to go back. Maybe you and I will end up together, like the old days only we only did it with guys! You are a bad experience on me, woman! See what you have done to me!

Soo.. Back to boyfriend. By the way, what's this "head" you are talking about? I have no idea! not! :) Actually it rather "fits" in neatly with what happened yesterday with boyfriend, or perhaps I should call him "girlfriend" from now <chuckles>. Maybe that's the only lesbian experience I'll ever have.

Anyway, as I told you, yesterday was a bad day for me at the office so I was rather in an agitated mood when I went back home. I was hoping that Boyfriend would be there to comfort me in his strong arms (joking!) and that we would have dinner and simply cuddle in front of the TV. Boy did things turn out to be different.

For a start, he wasn't even there when I got home! He usually gets there well before me, but yesterday of all days, he wasn't and I was more than a little annoyed. I was in the shower when he finally showed up and having decided to let all the bad vibes wash away with the water running down on me from the shower, I invited to join me.. you know, for a little mutual rub and kiss. So he proceeded to undress but this time, instead of undressing in front of me, he just turned his back to me and quickly undressed, before practically running to the shower. I barely had the time time to see his cute arse (he does have the cutest butt)!

I was in shock. This was the first time he had ever behaved that way, He practically covered his cock as if frightened to show it to me. Well, the mood was gone, so instead of the fun I thought we would have together, we just washed each other swiftly and I left him there. I was fuming and as I was leaving the shower, I told him that I was going to close my eyes so that he wouldn't have to reveal himself to me if he didn't want to. He didn't say a word.

I went to the bedroom to get dressed and as I was about to put something on, he showed up, looking all sheepish and ridiculous, just like a little boy who's just been caught doing something bad, and who is about to be told off by his mom.

He just stood there, looking down, saying nothing and I had to literally shake him until he finally confessed.

I'll make this short and sweet but sweet is not what I feel right now!

Boyfriend is ashamed of his tiny cock and doesn't feel like a man, especially, as he put it, when he is with a woman who is so well endowed (my words, not his, he was just mumbling and gesturing to my big tits and butt and body) and who's friend who's even more so. (That was you, darling, so now we know. You are more shapely than me! Bitch!)

I couldn't believe my ears! I just stood there and then as he had finished with his rumbling, not really knowing what I should do I just told him to leave me alone for a couple of hours and return back later. I needed some time to think on this one, although I had seen it come a long time ago. He had always made allusions to how he wished he was bigger and longer, but never to the extend of de-man-izing (I am inventing words now) himself!

What really shocked me is that as he was pointing to the inadequacies of his prick, I actually looked at it (the prick) and yes, I agreed that the damn thing was really tiny. I found myself really enjoying this moment of superiority.

I looked at it again and said.. again.. "yes, you do have a tiny cock, don't you!" I couldn't help it, but knew I had just spoken with a hint of amusement in my voice and I was aware that I was using words and intonation destined to humiliate him! Well, that turned him on because his tiny cock was now getting fuller (I nearly used the word big here!) He was getting an erection seemingly because I was humiliating him.

I couldn't help it. I then told him again: "Yes, it is rather tiny, isn't it, darling and you are right, you are a poor excuse of a man. Now just go!" And he just left.

And you know what? Talking to him like that, making fun of him and belittling him so cruelly turned ME on and when he left.. well, you know what I did to myself immediately after!

Anyway, I was asleep when he came back so we didn't get to speak. I didn't have a very good night sleep though. I kept on thinking about what had happened last night, how he had been turned on by the situation, and how I had been turned on too. So at breakfast, I told him to sit down and listen to what I had to tell him..

So here goes:

"Yes. Your cock isn't much of a cock. When we have sex and you are inside me, the only way I can feel you is if I lay on my bad, curl my legs all the way up to my head and you press your hips really hard on me! When I finally think I am starting to feel your tiny cock, my legs start to hurt because you are so damn heavier than me and I have to tell you that we should try another position! Another position my ass! have actually never felt you inside me enough to give me pleasure, let alone make me come. The only way you make me come is with your tongue, and you are good at it, I'll leave you that. You don't have much of a dick, but you do have a cute ass. Now that we established that as a man, you do not give me what I need, we are going to have to do something about it. I like a good hard cock inside of me, but you don't have that. So I am going to have to get elsewhere. You on the other hand will from now on do exactly as I tell you. And if you are not much of a man, what are you? (I was asking this to myself really)"

As I was telling him all that, I suddenly became as wet as I have ever been and him, well his tiny dick was straight up and I have to leave this to him: he has no problems with erections. If only he had a bigger cock. But as well as being turned on, I had actually also become quite aggressive and angry at him and so I pushed my chair up, took my skirt and panties off, sat on the table, with my legs resting on two of the chairs and screamed at him to "service his mistress!"

"Service his mistress!" I don't know where this came from! But it just felt so right. And the little idiot just did exactly what I told him to do. I expected him to rebuff me, slap me, whatever but no. He just went down on his knees and started to give me oral sex. I could see that he was reaching down to masturbate and I screamed at him even louder. "No you don't , you little bitch! You are not allowed to touch your ridiculous cock until I say you can and right now, I forbid you to touch it. You hear me?"

"No you don't , you little bitch!" Again where did this come from? I was in shock myself at the way I was behaving and talking to him.

And then, baby, I had the most delicious of orgasm. And when I was done, I pushed him away from me with my foot and he simply fell to the ground. He looked so pathetic that I had the impulse to take him into my arms and tell him all was forgiven and I nearly did it! But his little cock was still hard, he had such a frightened, but excited look on his face, and I didn't.

Instead I stood up, put my clothes back on, put my high heels shoes on and as he was still on the floor, with his tiny dick poking straight up to the ceiling, I did something that once again I never thought I'd ever be able to do.

I put my foot on his dick, and pressed his balls with the heel of my shoe. He looked at me in utter disbelief and I was even more in disbelief myself as I was felling really vicious, and really, I mean really enjoying it. I started to press harder and harder and I know I really hurt him. I could see tears starting to pour out of his lovely eyes, but that didn't stop me!

Instead I told him: "Who am I then?" After a couple of wrong answers, her finally discovered that from now on he would have to address me as "Mistress, or Mistress Jade" which he said he would.

I was still pressing hard on his balls!

I then told him that under no circumstance was he allowed to masturbate and or make himself come, unless I specifically authorized him and he said he wouldn't!

When I told him that if he did, I would eventually find out and could then decide to chuck him out for good from the house and he begged me not to. He would never do anything unless I told him too.

and then.. sweet, naughty vicious girlfriend.. came the "coup de grace". Karen is coming to the house next weekend, Karen will have the same privileges than I do with you. And as I said that, I released the pressure from my heel and touched his tiny cock with the front of my shoe! And that was it took! The idiot just came. His tiny cock just started to spurt, in spite of the pain and the humiliation and as he was coming he begged: "not Karen, Mistress, not Karen!"

I couldn't help but laugh at him. He was really a pathetic little man. I moved my foot away from his balls stepped forward until both my feet were around his chest and bent down straddling him.

I sat on his chest and put my finger on his lips, forcing him to open his mouth. "Suck I told him!" And he did! I couldn't believe it! I was in complete control over an other human being, someone, I had, and still do, loved! I was sucking that finger as if it was a small cock! I then removed my finger away from his eager mouth and moved down to his nipples, which I started to squeeze, harder and harder. With my other arm, I reached behind and grabbed his tiny dick (Gawd, he is truly tiny!) and started to masturbate him. All the time I was looking down at him, with an ironic smile on my face. I was really enjoying this! I loved the control, loved everything about it.

And do you know what he told me?

"You are so beautiful Mistress". I had won. Completely, thoroughly! This is a guy that had called me Jade, or Darling for months and he was now calling me Mistress!

"Yes, I know I am" I told him, and you are a nice little boy, my special little bitch aren't you?" And as I was saying this, his cock again started to swell until finally he had a full erection. I masturbated him for a while and then I asked him: "Who is coming for the weekend then?"

And you know what he said?

"Mistress Karen"

And I stopped masturbating him, told him his tiny dick was so inadequate that he was actually starting to bore me and how I have never realized this before, and that she should under no circumstances touch himself unless it was to pee, and of course make himself come.

"Mistress Karen!" But I will have to find a different title for you, I cannot share my role of mistress with another woman, however gorgeous that woman might be. And don't worry. I will keep my sexual activities with him private. I'll just be fun ordering him around in front of you and see how he reacts to you being there.

Just play the game. You will be Lady Karen. He will have to call you Lady. But don't be too mean. I know you can be mean. I still love the man. err.. the woman.. err the bitch. But I am warning you! Don't upset the Mistress. Be gentle with him!

I'll email you again tomorrow. See you over the weekend.

Kisses all over.. (Joking)

Mistress Jade.