Phone Sex


My bawdy Jade, You meanie Fox - -

WOW, girl! What an amazing bit of Progress!! And in just such a short period of time ... You’ve already turned that un-meaty companion of Yours into Your - - - Your BITCH!!! How completely smashing !!!

ALREADY that little bitch is down on his knees for You, even on his BACK for You, and You put Your high-heeled foot on his eager little bitch-manhood and made him CUM!!! I would NOT have let him cum, and he would NOT have been on his back, I can tell You that ... that thing with the “head” I told You about is my new molded dildo, shaped just like an actual, living, big ol’ hard COCK and, girl, Your little bitch-boy DESERVES to be on his BELLY, Not his back, know what I mean?? How long do think it will take, now that You got him going, to turn him TOTally into a bitch, to have him BEGGING to be screwed in that cute little butt of his??? Oh, I can see it now ... want me to buy You one of those nasty ol' huge strap-ons, for the "deflowering?"

You DO know what a strap-on is, don't You?? So, when it finally happens (and I KNOW it WILL) Can I be there, too???  pleasepleaseplease ....

And I must say, You got me horny as could be when You said You sat Your sweet backside atop a TABLE, with Your legs on TWO CHAIRS, and then You let him ... well ... at least there's ONE thing he's good for ...

Which reminds me: the other evening in the Cafe at the gym I got that big lummox I told You about off at the end of the counter ... no, not “off” THAT way, You naughty thing! I was standing alone down there and he was at the other end and I gave him my over-the-shoulder glance and before You could say “suck my toes” the big goof had come down to my end, stood right next to me, not saying a word – I looked up at him and batted my almost-blues at him, “Have a good work-out, Big Guy?” He gave me his name - Bernie - so, “Bernie,” says I, “You into guys or gals??” Bernie’s throat was tight, I could tell, ‘cause his Adam’s Apple bounced a couple times before he answered, and when he finally did answer, his voice was tight, too, just a tad high-pitched, and he knew it, I could tell ‘cause he blushed when he said, “Me and the Ladies get along real well, actually.” It was all I could do to keep from laughing in his face, him big as a football player but with a voice high and thin almost like a girl’s, but instead I let my eyes dart down his body real quick then back up to his face: “Well, you look like the right kind of gal could find some fun things to do with you, Bernie,” says I, “Maybe I could introduce you to a friend of mine.” Bernie’s nervous Apple bobbed a few more times before he finally managed to say, “Sure, I’d love to ... maybe you could come along, too.” I turned fully toward him then and inhaled real slow so my tits just gradually lifted. Staring up, I gave him Mischief Smile #17, and when I looked down at his package, sure enough it had started to bulk up some – the goofy shit was getting an erection, right there in the Cafe, standing next to me in his bikini briefs!

I swear, I wanted to reach over and just snap his fat balls with my
finger, but I contained myself. “Sure,” says I, “Why not? But I have to
warn you – she’s the kind who likes to be in control.” Yeah, and then came the good part, ‘cause when he said, “Bring her on!” I looked down and I’ll be damned if his erection didn’t start to shrink right then and there! “You sure, Bernie?” I murmured, giving him Mischief Smile #22: “ I ain’t never backed away from a challenge yet,” big Bernie bragged, while that heavy rod of his just went on continuing on shrinking down. “Well, keep working out hard, big boy, and one day it just might happen!” I chirped, spinning on my heel and leaving him standing there with his mouth open – believe me, too, when I say I put a little extra roll into each of my ass cheeks as I walked away, oh yes — gave Mr big-Bernie something to wank off to later! Hey -- our big-Bernie's RIGHT where we want him!!

Anyway, when You said about Your little bitch-boy sucking on Your finger, that sure has given me ideas, and don’t act surprised when I say my gym-buddy Bernie figures in those ideas ... yeah, big-Bernie, You, me, my new life-like dildo, and Your little bitch-boy!

Somehow they all just seem to go together in my hot and eager  imagination — know what I’m saying?? I KNOW You do ...

But no-o-o ... my sweet Jade wants to keep all Her activities with Her
little elf bitch PRIVATE !

I get to watch him squirm while You get to order him around — oh what fun for ME (pout-pout). Are You gonna make the little bitch elf wear a bra when I come over — pretty please?! Just for me ... ?

Well, I’ll be there with bells on this weekend, oh MISTRESS Jade. Just make sure You order the little bitch to go sit in the corner of another room for awhile while I’m there, ‘cause we two got some catching up (or down!) to do .... You can even sit up on the table for me, girlfriend! And I’ll have my “life-like” in my purse ... Just in CASE !!!

Should I bring some wine, too? See You soon ... kisses to You in ALL
Your wettest dreams!

-Your hot-to-trot girl-elf still in-waiting, still ready and willing, Lady