Phone Sex


Hi Karen,

I wish you would take it easy on boyfriend you know. I know he annoys you but I can't just tell him to go to his bedroom when ever you are at house, can I? Will you be more gentle next time then, I mean with him! Pretty please?

Anyway.. it was nice seeing you again. Even boyfriend was happy to see you, I could tell by how frisky he was after you left and we had sex for all of 2 minutes, bless him! He does try you know, but I have to hand it to him.. He knows how to use his tongue and 2 minutes later exactly, I got him busy lapping away and the memories of what didn't happen quickly faded away..

I know.. I am bad..

What is about men anyway and the size of their dick? I mean yes, we do give a damn, but surely there is something else to worry about then the inches nature could have but didn't give them?

So now you know that in that department, boyfriend was not blessed. You have to promise me you won't use this against him though! Yeah right.. As if you would. I must be as perverted as you. No wonder we are such good friends.

I have to rush now. I'll be talking to you later. Do you have training tonight?