Phone Sex


my dearest naughty Jade /

No training tonight, but I’ll be off to the gym anyway, maybe hang around the pool for a spell before going into the cafe for a smart drink or two . .  I love that cafe TOO much – so many pumped-up sweaty beef-cake muffins to tease, don’t You know?! They don’t enforce a dress code any different from inside the gym itself — some of those guys (and gals) just are so-o-o yummy looking! Do You want me to find a big studly goof for You to tame - ? I got my eye on just the guy — struts around in his bikini briefs and t-shirt, his crotch bulge almost beyond belief! Yeah, he’s one of those cock-proud lummoxes, but there’s something timid about him, too, something I can’t quite figure . . .

Yeah, I could tell Your meatless mate was on edge when I was there — I shot him my usual over-the-shoulder glancing profile looks and caught him staring at my butt with his mouth hanging open !  I’m glad he at least can give You some adequate head. I got something with a head I could give him .... but yeah, he’d probably love THAT, too! WhatEVER are we going to do with (and TO) him next???

Well I must be off. Spank him till he can’t stand, my sweet naughty Jade, till he has to crawl away, but save some of that fire for me!

-Your ever-willing ever-ready Lady Love, longing for You still, kinky high-kicker kissable beatable bosomy lean Karen the Kool-no-More.