Lesbian seduction.

Phone Sex


Karen, delicious pie!

Had the most delicious chocolate pie yesterday. Thought as I was making love to each bite that a chocolate pie is exactly how I would describe you if I were to use food. Forbidden and sweet, addictive and damn orgasmic. I rolled you .. oops.. sorry.. I rolled each chocolate bite in and around my mouth, licking away and if the pie was a dick, it would have come, there and there.. Here is a promise: By the time I am done with "turning" little one over, you will be completely mine! You'll see..

Back to little one. Wait.. before that: What do you mean I got you horny when I sat on the table? What is it that made you horny? The thought of me, sitting on the table, the thought of little one servicing me, or perhaps were you jealous of little one? Actually, I have always thought that underneath Ms. Tuffy there, lies a true sweet submissive babe! And what a babe!

A lot has happened since my last email to you. The single most enjoyable thing though is the feeling of utter freedom.. and power. I look at people like they are sexual object, there for me to consume if I choose to. It's been a few days since I last emailed you and already I feel like I have changed.

Must keep this one short and sweet. Will write again soon with more details about what's gone on in the past few days. You won't believe your eyes.

Funny this thing you said about men's reaction to other men's dicks. I had to walk into the office of one of the male temps the other day, and instead of knocking on the door as I would have done normally, I just walked in! The poor guy was sitting at his desk looking at a porn site. He tried to close the browser but I got there before he could. I put my hand on his hand to stop him from moving the mice and told him to wait and let me see what was so interesting. It was an image of a white woman sucking on this huge black man's dick. It was so damn huge that she had the dead of his dick in her mouth and was holding onto his shaft with both her hands. It was big. His desk chair (the male temp) is on rollers so I moved him back a little to have a better look and as the chair moved back I could see that he had an erection. He knew that I saw it. I looked him right in the eyes and said something like: "Looks like something is working for you!" I was actually only referring to his erection but he obviously thought of something else. He replied: "it's the woman I was looking at!" Yeah right! I burst laughing. It was hilarious. Made me think about what you had said about that prick in your gym when you asked him whether he was into men or women! But you know what Freud said!!

Anyway.. Have you ever made love to a woman before? I hope not. I want to be the first to seduce you.

More later..


.. all over..